Focal Biosciences is a venture-backed biotechnology company and a spin-off from the Mechano-Genomics lab at ETH Zurich and PSI, co-founded with Apollo Health Ventures.

At Focal Biosciences, we recognize that aging is a profound transformation that occurs at the cellular level. This transformation comes hand-in-hand with a range of age-related disorders that drastically impact the quality of life in the elderly population.

Our mission is to improve healthy aging by creating tools that can identify ways to extend healthy lifespans, enhance quality of life, and ultimately eradicate the burdens of age-related ailments. Our vision is to revolutionize the treatment of age-related disorders by pioneering a cutting-edge drug discovery platform, called CFC (Chromatin Fingerprint for Cell state), that is designed to identify novel compounds that can, on the cellular level, reprogram age-affected tissues into healthier, more functional tissues. To showcase the capabilities of our CFC-Platform, we have chosen fibrosis as our initial disease program.